Monday, December 1, 2008

The Organic Switch!

December 2008 – Understanding Organic food!
   Part III: Change

Welcome to part III - Change:  Make the transition to organic foods a successful one!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Human beings are often referred to as creatures of habit.  Therefore change is not something easy for most people to do.  This difficulty to change is mostly caused by fear.  Fear must be slain slowly.  For example, if you want to teach someone how to swim the last thing you would do is push them into the deep end.    

You must keep in mind that change often takes time.  Too often you see people trying to rush change only to see it backfire.  For instance, many people have made the mistake of trying to get a tan the first sunny day of the summer season.  Their skin has had no significant sun exposure for months and they decide to stay in the sun for hours.  The end result is quite obvious – sun burn. 

Therefore if you are interested in making the switch to organic foods, do so slowly.  Start by purchasing organic foods from only one food category i.e. fruits, vegetables, meats or dairy.  Eventually you can add more categories to your grocery regimen.  You can also look at your purchases as a percentage.  Begin with buying 10 - 20% organic foods and then increase the amount slowly over time. 

Any Differences?

See if you can notice any differences in the taste, smell, or how organic foods make you feel, etc.  If you do decide to make the switch to organic foods or you already have made the change please feel free to tell me the differences.  People like to hear about results because it helps them make changes.  I will post any of your responses on the discussion board in my SmartPath Facebook group.  I look forward to your responses.  Remember you can make a positive contribution to the planet by switching to organic foods and by influencing other to do the same.

By: Sal Crispo
Vaughan Personal Trainer

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