Success Stories


Below are a series of success stories from my clients. I am very proud of my clients and I would like to thank them for being SmartPath Fitness Champions. I look forward to adding many more of these success stories to this page. 

Video Success Stories


Written Success Stories

“When I first decided to hire Sal as my personal trainer, I was still smoking. I had reached the point of smoking 1 full pack of cigarettes a day. I had developed a chronic cough and could not climb one flight of stairs without being out of breath, all this at the young age of 30. My first goal was to quit smoking and to renew my health.  Not only has Sal helped me reach those goals but he has also made me achieve much more than I originally thought.   

Overall, I have gained a renewed sense of confidence, a new understanding of the word commitment, and, on a more egocentric note, I have been able to remove my shirt when engaged in outdoor activities without being completely embarrassed.  I recommend Sal to anyone with complete confidence because I am a testament to what he can do. He took a badly out-of-shape smoker, and took him to a point in his life where he is in the best shape that he has ever been.”

Luca C.
Toronto, Ontario

“Before I met Sal I suffered with low back pain for many years.  I worked out regularly but I still could not get rid of my pain.  Fortunately, one day while working out at the gym, I told Sal about my problem.  He told me that my exercise routine was most likely out of balance and that I needed to change it.  He was right!  He took me through his CHEK program and boy was I ever humbled by it.  He showed me my weaknesses and what I needed to work on.  Ever since I have listened to Sal’s advice, I have no more back pain and I feel stronger than ever, especially in my core.  Hiring Sal as my trainer was the best money I had ever spent.  He will definitely get you to your goals...I am proof of it.”

David D.
Vaughan, Ontario

“I hired Sal because I needed a change in my workouts. What I like about Sal is that he first listens to what my goals and expectations are and then he responds in an efficient and structured manner that will best suit my needs.   Sal has and continues to meet and surpass my expectations.  His programs have and continue to reshape my physique.  With Sal’s guidance I have gained confidence and a renewed sense of self.  My mind, body and spirit are connected as one. I have recommended 3 of friends - 2 for personal training and 1 for nutrition and I will continue to recommend Sal to others!”

Frank B.
Maple, Ontario

“I have had many personal trainers in the past but none compare to Sal.  He gives me everything I need.  I like the way he focuses on core training and tightening my core.  With Sal, I am in the best shape of my life.  I trust Sal like a son and I recommend him to anyone just as I have done with my wife and daughter.”

Tony M.
Maple, Ontario

“Hi, my name is Mario Bavaro.......

When I first went to Sal, it was for 2 reasons.  First of all, I hit a plateau with my exercise routines and I needed some change and I also had some hip flexor pain.  I had an injury towards my left hip flexors.  I told Sal what areas of my body I wanted to work on, and I achieved them through his proper form and techniques.  He knew I wanted a challenge and I got that from him!  My goals and needs have been met and I have exceeded them.

I have gained more knowledge mentally and physically, in terms of the routines that Sal has given.  I have got stronger and leaner physically and stronger mentally.  To achieve my goals, Sal has helped me to establish a positive attitude. When you are happy, you will perform and attain your goals (which I did).

I have and will continue to recommend Sal to others.  Sal is very approachable, very determined in wanting you to achieve your goals.

I do have to point out something that I owe Sal.   I injured my left hip flexor muscle in Oct of 2008 playing hockey.  As time went on I was unable to do some leg exercises and lower abs work.  I went to a chiropractor in late February.  For four months it did not accomplish anything and I can honestly say I was in more pain.  I went to Sal in May, told him the problem.  He designed a routine for me specifically to strengthen my hip...  Within 2 months and carefully doing his program correctly, I am PAIN FREE!!!!!  THANK YOU SAL CRISPO!!!!!”

Mario B.
Maple, Ontario

“I started going to Sal to try a different way of toning up, I was always playing lots of sports and seemed to be in good shape but wanted to look the part a little more. Now when I look in the mirror I pretty well accomplished my goal.

I've certainly gained in Sal's services by not only getting in shape but staying in shape. My favourite thing about Sal is how he caters to the client, he truly knows what you are more interested in. By doing this he sets up specific routines for you to follow and since you had some input, chances are you will stick with it like I did. I would also like to say that since I travel a lot, having someone as flexible as Sal has really helped.  I highly recommend Sal to others.”

Stephen G.
Thornhill, Ontario

“I went to Sal because he didn't give the same answer to the question "What meal plan should I be on to lose weight?"  Most of the time it is low carbs, high protein, low fat.  Sal clarified this myth for me and showed me a scientific method (metabolic typing) which made sense.  I am much more knowledgeable in types of categorized foods and not afraid to eat what I thought would be hurting me, when in fact it would be helping me.

 Through Sal's services, again, I have gained much knowledge in foods.  Specifically foods which my body would easily digest and speed up my metabolism, as opposed to those which would have a negative reaction.  I have also gained knowledge in vitamins and supplements.  An interesting fact, I have lost 16 pounds and 6% body fat, since September 08/09. I was 202lbs with 32%BF and now sit at 187lbs with 26%BF.  I lost another 2.5" from my waist making it 12.5" total.  And this is without doing any exercise, just nutrition. 

Even more incredible is the fact that since I have been following Sal’s nutritional program, I have been seizure free for 2 years!

I most definitely recommend Sal to others.  You will not only get someone who is knowledgeable in many areas of health and weight loss but also someone who cares.  If they don't care what's the point.  Sal cares about his clients.  I could see this from the first day I spoke to him.”

Ralph C.
Toronto, Ontario

When I first went to Sal I was having problems with my groin as well I wanted some fresh ideas about training.. Sal is probably the most knowledgeable trainer out there and always gives me great new ideas about training. He seems to know the exact spots to work on to resolve my problems.  Also I have learned all the proper training methods and when and how to train as well as proper nutrition. I know by going to him he will take his time and help me with whatever I need. I would recommend Sal 150%!

Lorne S.
Thornhill, Ontario

I went to Sal because I was suffering from lower back pain and joint stiffness in both right and left hips.  These conditions worsened after playing a round golf but today I am no longer suffering from these conditions and there has been nothing but positive results in using his services.

Through his services I have gained an understanding of the methodology behind the sequence of training programs and related exercises provided by Sal.  Also, I learned the correct methods in performing all the exercises given.   With Sal you never feel rushed during his sessions, and he is always available to entertain questions outside your scheduled sessions.  But what I like most about Sal is his commitment to assist you in achieving your overall health and fitness goals.

Ciro P.

I was recommended to Sal as I had many old injuries that prevented me from working out without pain.  I needed someone who was knowledgeable with providing me with proper and safe exercises for my condition.  I was sceptical that with the pain I had it could not be done but Sal really knows his stuff.  Every time I had an issue, he knew exactly what to say to get me in the proper position to perform the exercise and I began to see results within weeks of beginning his routines. 

Sal has provided me with excellent advice.  I cannot even begin to explain how much Sal has helped me to overcome many of the fears and road blocks I had that were preventing me from achieving the goals I set out for myself.  He taught me what it is going to take for me to get in the kind of shape I want to be in.  Getting in shape is a game I can win or lose in my head and Sal has taught me how to win it through his constant understanding and assurance.  I have a long way to go, but I am well on my way of winning the mental game of deciding to get in shape in the first place.  Thank you Sal. 

My favourite thing about Sal's services is that he is not afraid to share what he knows and give you his opinion.  The one thing he gave me was an explanation for my need for spirituality.  He shared his example and how when he found inner peace appreciation for life and those around him flourished.  His explanation for how this would help me in my life really blew me away.       

I would highly recommend Sal to anyone.  He creates personalized workout routines that are challenging physically, yet are easy to follow.  Sal is a true professional in the field.  He cares about helping his clients in reaching their goals, not just during the allotted time, but he teaches people how to make it a way of life.  Thanks again!  You have changed my outlook not just on exercise but on life itself.  Kelli Mlckovsky

Kelly M.

More testimonials are available… if you wish to read them, contact me. 

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