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Is It Really Organic?

November 2008 – Understanding Organic food!
   Part II: Ideology

This is part II of a series of articles that will uncover the truth about the foods we are eating.  Part I: Clarity – focused on changing the way we view the labels put on organic and conventionally raised foods.  (Illustrated below)

Food Re-labeled:        Organic food = food               Conventional food = toxic food

In this article an answer will be provided to one of the most commonly asked questions about organic.  This question seems to be used as a common excuse for people to avoid buying into the organic industry. 

“How do you really know if it’s organic?”

Trust Nature!

It is unfortunate but it is true.  There are companies out there who find loop holes in order to sell conventionally raised foods as organic foods.  But this is no excuse to avoid supporting the organic industry as a whole.  You would not throw away a whole bushel of apples because there are a few bad ones in it, right?   Of course not!  So we must learn to pick out the good ones.   

Have you ever seen the difference between a natural bodybuilder and a Mr. Olympia bodybuilder?  If you put the competitors side by side the difference in size would be really obvious.  Likewise, you will often see this same size differentiation between organic and conventionally raised food.  Simply, the ones with drugs are noticeably bigger.  When purchasing food you need to use some common sense.  For example, if you see an apple the size of a watermelon and is labeled certified organic, you should think twice before spending your money on it. 

Size is just one of “Mother Nature’s” signs for distinguishing real food from the fake.  For instance, eggs have a variety of signs to verify their authenticity.  What are they?  First, the shells should not break too easily.  Second, the liquid in the egg should be viscous.  And finally, the yolk of an egg should be bright orange/red colour.  If an egg has a fragile shell, runs easily, and has a pale yellow yolk, Mother Nature is telling you that it is weak and nutritionally deficient.  Fortunately, many of these signs appear within all foods and I would recommend learning what they to avoid wasting your money.         

If you wish to learn more about Mother Nature’s signs, you can take some courses on proper gardening and organic farming techniques.  Another great help can be a family member that has been raised on an organic farm.  They also recognize the signs that I am referring to.  This wisdom is priceless.  I have been blessed with parents and grandparents who have passed on some of this wisdom and I am forever grateful.  I look forward to passing this wisdom on to the next generation.  Do you?

A Karmic Idea!

In the previous article, the difference was made clear between organic and conventionally raised foods.  Therefore, I want you to keep in mind that when you purchase organic food you are not just buying food but you are supporting an “IDEA”.  You are supporting the idea that food should be grown and raised without the use of toxic chemicals.  You are supporting a cleaner environment and an improved planet Earth.  Conversely, if you are supporting the "IDEA" of conventionally raised and grown foods then you are supporting the idea of polluting the environment by adding toxic chemicals to "Mother Nature's" soil, water, air, plants, animals, people, etc.  Which one are you going to support?

In conclusion, the organic idea is constructive and the other is destructive to our planet.  There is a karmic law in place in this Universe, that is “you reap what you sow”.  This planet is alive.  That’s right!  It is a living organism.  Therefore the karmic law applies to the planet as it would with another human being.  If it is mistreated, neglected, and not loved the same will return to the one(s) doing so.  And the same principle applies to our bodies too.  If you mistreat, abuse and neglect to give your body what it needs; clean air, food, water, exercise, rest and sleep, etc. then your body will soon neglect you.    

Coming soon in December – Understanding Organic Food! Part III

By: Sal Crispo
Vaughan Personal Trainer

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