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A Toxic Cure?

September/October 2009 – Understanding Immunity!

As of late, everyone is talking about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.  Simply, people want to know the truth about vaccines and for this reason, I feel the need to shed the light of common sense on this topic.

A Hot Topic, But Is It New?

The latest swine flu craze is just another battle in a long, long war.  Yes it’s true; the controversy of whether or not vaccines are safe and effective is not new.  In fact, there has been a great deal of controversy around vaccines since their inception in the 1800’s. Why is this topic so controversial?  To begin with, there is a lot of confusion around the issue because of its complexity.  To understand vaccination you must know about biology, immunity, viruses, chemicals, and DNA/RNA, just to name a few.  It is purposely designed this way so that the general public have to ask an expert, mostly their doctors, for advice.  This is not an ideal situation because doctors are being misinformed and misguided by the manufacturers of vaccines who obviously have invested interest in the distribution of their products. Therefore, as I usually do with all of my other writings, I will do my best to simplify this topic so that we can all gain a greater understanding of it.   

Defining the Terms

Immunity - the quality or state of being immune; especially: a condition of being able to resist a particular disease especially through preventing development of a pathogenic microorganism or by counteracting the effects of its products
(Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Our bodies have an immune system that is designed to fight and destroy any foreign substances it detects.  The immune system is the most powerful defence we have against viruses.  How do I know this is true?  The human body has survived thousands of years without vaccines, chemicals, and other magic potions.  And it is my strong belief that as of recent years, the human being has survived in spite of vaccines not because of them.  In other words, the vaccine is the newest enemy that our immune systems have had to fight against and I will show you why in this article. 

- Remember, we are already born with the best defence system against disease. 

Virus - Etymology: Latin, venom, poisonous emanation; akin to Greek ios poison

1 archaic : VENOM
2 a : the causative agent of an infectious disease
(Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Viruses have been around throughout human existence and yet the human being is still here.  But don’t viruses still kill some human beings?  Yes, but only when their immune systems are compromised.  When the immune system is overly stressed and in a weakened state, viruses, fungus, parasites, cancer and many other diseases can easily take over the body.  Therefore, the key to preventing any virus from taking over the body is to keep your immune system healthy and strong.  With that being said, because vaccines are full of harmful substances it would be illogical to conclude that they can benefit the human body in any way.

The idea behind vaccines is that they send the weakened or dead virus (in other words, genetically modified virus) into the body so that the immune system can learn how to kill it.  However, is this idea sound?  Consider this, I advise everyone I know to stay far away from genetically modified or engineered foods because of their destructive nature to all living organisms.  Therefore, if I (as well as the great majority of health experts) am so opposed to eating genetically engineered foods, what do you think I am going to say about injecting genetically engineered viruses and organisms directly into your blood stream (the vital fluid of your health)?  The long term effects of genetically engineered substances on the human body are unknown and therefore, this topic is quite serious and hopefully more and more people will begin to question the soundness of vaccination. 

- Remember, the key is to keep the immune system working optimally.

Toxin - a poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues
(Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Once again, the job of the immune system is to fight against any foreign substances and that especially includes toxins.  Therefore, my question to you is, if a toxin is a poisonous substance then how can it be used to help the immune system?  When you research the ingredients of vaccines, you will not only find genetically engineered viruses and organisms, but a host of toxic chemicals used to stabilize, assist in efficacy (adjuvants) and preserve.  According to medical authorities, this toxic brew of ingredients is supposed to help the immune system in the case of future virus exposure.  That is analogous to sending in the Joker, Riddler, and Scarecrow (genetically-engineered substances and toxins) to help Batman (immune system) defend Gotham (body) against the Penguin (specific virus).  I have one word to describe this – ridiculous! 

Below is a list of only some of the common ingredients (many are highly toxic) found in vaccines:

Aluminum hydroxide, Aluminum hydroxyphosphate; aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulphate; aluminum phosphate (linked to Alzheimer’s disease, neurotoxins)
Formaldehyde (banned by the F.D.A., known carcinogen, used to embalm dead bodies)
Hydrolyzed gelatin
Mercury (in the form of Thimerosal, speculated to be linked to autism, neurotoxin)
Monosodium L glutamate
Neomycin (antibiotic)
2-phenoxyethanol (used in skin creams, perfumes, and dyes, restricted use in Japan)
Polyethylene glycol p-isooctylphenyl ether (Triton ® X-100) (used in detergents)
Polymyxin B (antibiotic, neurotoxin)
Polysorbate 80 (neurotoxin)
Potassium chloride (used in lethal injection to execute criminals)
Potassium phosphate monobasic
Sodium borate
Sodium chloride
Sodium deoxycholate
Sodium phosphate; sodium phosphate dibasic; sodium phosphate dibasic & heptahydrate; Sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate

Note: A neurotoxin is a toxin that attacks the central nervous system.  Is it a coincidence then that many people end up with neurological disorders such as autism after receiving vaccines?

Please keep in mind that this list does not include many other harmful substances present in vaccines such as genetically engineered viruses and organisms.  Also, if you wish to verify that these ingredients are actually in vaccines, check the Health Canada vaccine guide and you will find them listed there.

- Avoid foreign substances that weaken the immune system.

Another War

Why is it that so many people believe in vaccination?  Well, it’s the same reason people once believed that cigarettes were not hazardous to human health – money influence.  The companies that manufacture these hazardous products use their money to convince the general public that they are safe.  First, they pay off scientists (usually their own) to create studies (falsified ones) that show the safety of their products.  Secondly, doctors read these studies and reassure their patients about their safety.  The final step in the plan is to pay the media large sums of money to spread messages that support their lies. Basically, it goes as follows – WARNING!! Swine flu is spreading and it can cause death, so take the vaccine.  This is called effective advertising - tell people the problem, create an emotional urgency (in this case fear of death) and then sell the solution.  Remember, when people are emotional they tend to make irrational decisions – sales people commonly use this technique to get their customers to buy their product/service on impulse.  

What’s worse about vaccines is not only have scientist manipulated or falsified data to show that vaccines are safe but they also go as far as saying they save lives.  And that is by far the biggest lie at the moment.  I (along with many other researchers) have researched this topic thoroughly and I have yet to find any valid statistical data that shows this statement to be true.   It’s not a risk for a reward type of decision as you are led to believe.  There is no reward for taking vaccines.  The only rewards are found in the bank accounts of the people manufacturing and selling these dangerous products.  

Please, just because a scientist, doctor, or the news says that something is safe do not take it at face value.  Remember, less than 50 years ago many doctors said that cigarettes were safe and that went for pregnant women too!  If we learn to use our common sense and look deeper into these important issues, I believe these tyrannical companies will be exposed just as they have been in the past with cigarettes and hormone replacement therapy.  Fortunately, we (the general public) have better means today to fight back against these fear mongering tyrants. Through the use of the internet we can spread vital information quickly and effectively to our friends and family. 

- Question everything! Do not take any information for granted, regardless of where it comes from.

The Solution

What is the solution?  Once again, the solution is a vital immune system.  We have to live a healthy lifestyle that supports our immunity.  We must limit the things that suppress or weaken our immune system such as stress, toxic chemical exposure, and so on.    Furthermore, we can aid the immune system by giving it sufficient sunlight (vitamin D), exercise, a healthy diet, clean water, and adequate rest/sleep to name a few.  Remember, our best defence is already within us.


In the end, we only have two choices.  To trust in whatever you believe got us here today – God, Universe, Nature, Evolution, Immune System etc. or to put our faith in the hands of people with a corporate agenda and an annual quota.

Unfortunately, due to the length of this article, I was not able to supply any of the factual information I posses that strongly supports my position.  Therefore, feel free to contact me for this or more information about this topic.

By: Sal Crispo
Vaughan Personal Trainer

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