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Stop Looking for the One!

May/June 2009 – Understanding Results! - Part 3

In part 1 of this series, I defined the meaning of results, and in part 2, I addressed the one question I am asked the most – “How do I lose weight?”  In this part, I am going to discuss the importance of individuality and customization for results.


Extraordinarily, everyone is unique.  For this reason, results will vary between individuals following any given exercise program or diet regimen.  This is important to understand because it means that no ONE specific exercise program or diet will help everyone achieve their desired results.  Of course each program or diet may help some people attain results, but many people will not.  In truth, when you randomly choose an exercise program or diet, you are gambling with your health.  This is because some exercise programs and diets can have a negative impact on your well being.  I have seen people get injured from exercise programs that were not suited for their bodies or level of fitness.  And I have also seen people have unfavorable results with diets such as gaining weight instead of losing it.

What is the solution?


 “If you are not assessing you are guessing” is a motto that I strongly believe in.  As a professional, there are many things I must know about a person before I can give them an exercise program or diet regimen.  I do not believe in gambling with peoples’ health and well being.  Therefore, I have searched for methods that focus on thorough assessment and program customization.  Provided that they were followed as instructed, these exercise programs and diets have proven, over and over again, to give the best results. 


Human beings are creatures of habit and thus many people have a tendency to do the same program for months or even years.  This regularly leads to a lack of positive results and can lead to a multitude of negative results.  A properly designed periodization plan will periodically alter your exercise program to ensure constant progression toward your goal(s).  Since everyone is unique in physicality, level of fitness, and goals etc., each periodization plan should be custom tailored around the individual.  You can learn more about periodization in a past article I wrote - Breaking The Plateau Affect For Amazing Results!  (Periodization for Results!)

Step – 1   Get a customized periodization plan based on your unique requirements.

Metabolic Typing Diet   

The best customized diet regimen that I have come across is the metabolic typing diet by Dr. William Wolcott.  Unlike countless other diets, this diet involves some thorough analysis before determining your dietary suggestions.  Too often people fall victim to these “one size fits all” diet regimens that only work for a few individuals.  What I like best about the metabolic typing diet is that it increases your awareness about cooking, eating, food, grocery shopping, digestion, and much more.  Once your metabolic type is determined, you will know which diet regimen is best for you.   

Step – 2   Follow a customized diet that will lead you toward health, beauty, and vitality.   

Cardiovascular Conditioning

There is so much controversy over which type of cardiovascular activity is best for attaining results.  Again, do not fall into the trap of trying to find the ONE or single best kind of cardiovascular exercise.  There are plenty of options to choose from which can give great results.  The key is to find the best cardiovascular activities for you.  I suggest you choose to participate in activities that are safe, challenging, fun and will work up a great sweat.  Also, I believe that it is extremely important to cycle your cardiovascular activities.  This will decrease the chances of getting inflammatory pain from overusing certain muscles and joints.  This strategy of cycling activities is also advantageous for attaining results as it helps to negate the plateau effect. 

Step – 3   Find a variety of activities to participate in that are right for you

In closing, if you want results make sure you choose customization.  Feel free to contact me for further information regarding either program design or finding out your metabolic type.  

By: Sal Crispo
Vaughan Personal Trainer

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