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Why Do People Continue to Fall for this Old Trick Each Year?

December 2010 – Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Last year, I wrote an article called ‘5 Survival Tips For The Holidays!’ which you can read on my website  The article gives some helpful tips you can follow during the holiday season.  This year, I decided to write an article about a common mistake people make after the holiday season.  When the season is over, a lot of people decide to lose weight and change their health which is fantastic.  Unfortunately, most of them are deceived into purchasing products and services that are full of empty promises and false claims. Why does this continue to happen year after year?  In this article, I will share the answer to this question and hopefully, by reading this, you will not be one of those people that fall for this old trick this year.

Holiday Season (How It All Begins)

The holiday season is a time to get together and celebrate with family and friends.  It is truly a special time of year and people should enjoy themselves.  However, as we all know, these celebrations can easily get out of hand.  Typically, people over consume food and beverages that are not healthy. This is very troublesome as an excess quantity of low quality food stuff is very taxing on our health. 

[Tip: Remember, you can still have a good time without overindulging in unhealthy food choices.  Make sure you eat according to your metabolic type as doing so will satisfy your hunger quickly and reduce the likelihood of overeating (and cravings). If you would like to know your metabolic type or are interested in more information, email me at

The Aftermath

Once all the festivities are over, we start to feel the consequences of our choices.  We feel guilty, overweight and determined to do something about it in the New Year.  And I am certain it is these feelings that make people so vulnerable to claims such as 'take this miracle supplement'…'do this easy 10 minute program'…'buy this exercise gadget' and so on.  Do these things really work?  Is losing weight, getting toned or building muscle actually that easy?

If you asked a financial expert “What’s the best way to become rich?” and he or she answered, “Just play the lottery, it’s easy”, would you believe them?  No, you probably would think it’s a joke, right?  What if they had testimonials such as “Hi my name is Bob Smith, I played the lottery and I got rich!”, would that make you believe the lottery is the best way to get rich?   I hope you get my point.  We all know that, for the most part, becoming rich is not something which happens overnight.  Well, much in the same way, becoming lean, toned and muscular takes time and effort. And effort means hard work, consistency, and discipline, etc. 

Easy vs. Efficient

Anyone who tells you that you can achieve the body of your dreams easily is deceiving you.  I never have and never will promote such misleading information.  However, I do believe in efficiency.  To be efficient means to be well organized and capable of achieving desired results without wasting resources (money, time and effort).  Efficiency is what I specialize in and promote.  That’s one of the main reasons why I called my business SmartPath Fitness.  One of my mottos is to train hard but always smart - efficient.  

You Get What You Pay For!

Due to the economic downturn, many people are searching for the cheapest products and services.  However, this is not usually the wisest approach, especially when it pertains to the health industry.  There is an old saying “You get what you pay for”.  And I am sure we have all felt the truth of this statement at one time or another.  Yet, year after year, swarms of people buy useless and inefficient products in the vain hopes that they will magically transform their figure.  Will you fall victim to this mistake this year?  

A Budget Friendly Alternative

If you are serious about transforming your health and you truly cannot afford personal training, I recommend getting some health and fitness coaching.  Coaching is much more affordable than personal training, yet it still produces efficient results.  With coaching, you get several of the same features as personal training, i.e. assessments (measurements, body fat %, etc.), customized programs (every 4-6 weeks), and program instruction (1-2 sessions).  Actually, the only difference with coaching is that there are no ongoing sessions and you have to follow the programs on your own.  However, it’s a great way to get expert guidance, stay on track and progress toward the achievement of your desired goals.  With the right coaching, you will successfully achieve all of your goals. For your convenience, here is what some people are saying about my coaching services:

“I started going to Sal to try a different way of toning up, I was always playing lots of sports and seemed to be in good shape but wanted to look the part a little more. Now when I look in the mirror I pretty well accomplished my goal.

I've certainly gained in Sal's services by not only getting in shape but staying in shape. My favourite thing about Sal is how he caters to the client, he truly knows what you are more interested in. By doing this he sets up specific routines for you to follow and since you had some input, chances are you will stick with it like I did. I would also like to say that since I travel a lot, having someone as flexible as Sal has really helped.  I highly recommend Sal to others.”

S. G.
Thornhill, Ontario

I hired Sal because I needed a change in my workouts. What I like about Sal is that he first listens to what my goals and expectations are and then he responds in an efficient and structured manner that will best suit my needs.   Sal has and continues to meet and surpass my expectations.  His programs have and continue to reshape my physique.  With Sal’s guidance I have gained confidence and a renewed sense of self.  My mind, body and spirit are connected as one. I have recommended 3 of my friends - 2 for personal training and 1 for nutrition and I will continue to recommend Sal to others!

F. B.
Maple, Ontario 

"I went to Sal because I was suffering from lower back pain and joint stiffness in both right and left hips.  These conditions worsened after playing a round of golf but today I am no longer suffering from these conditions and there has been nothing but positive results in using his services.

Through his services I have gained an understanding of the methodology behind the sequence of training programs and related exercises provided by Sal.  Also, I learned the correct methods in performing all the exercises given.   With Sal you never feel rushed during his sessions, and he is always available to entertain questions outside your scheduled sessions.  But what I like most about Sal is his commitment to assist you in achieving your overall health and fitness goals."

Vaughan, Ontario

(For more testimonials, visit


I consider myself to be well informed when it relates to the health and fitness industry.  Therefore, here’s a deal; I will be the first to let you know when a miracle product comes out on the market that actually does what it claims to do (smile).  Seriously, if you are ever thinking of purchasing a product or service and you are not sure if it is worthwhile, please feel free to contact me and I will let you know if it is worth the investment. It may save you some time, money and energy.  I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season!

Happy and Healthy Holidays!

By: Sal Crispo
Vaughan Personal Trainer

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